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Professor Royce Gracie seminar review by Med Rendell

It’s July and rumours are flying that Royce Gracie may be visiting our humble club again to teach a seminar.

This. Is. Epic.
All members become excited and eager to get the date, when set, off work or cleared in … Read more...

Professor Royce Gracie seminar at Westcoast Academia de Jiu Jistu – confirmed!

Westcoast Academia de Jiu Jitsu are extremely proud and honored to once again be hosting a two-hour seminar with Professor Royce Gracie, at its West Wales academy.

The seminar, taking place on Wednesday, August 26, is due to commence at … Read more...

Professor Gui Velente Westcoast review

10 am on a rather wet and windy monday morning, seven Westcoast Academia De Jiujitsu students meet up for a jiujitsu road trip, their destination? London, more specifically Westcoasts Parent club Dartford Academia De Jiujitsu, although the weather and long Read more...