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One25 GrappleThon 2016

“Oh my God she just owned him!” the reaction to Westcoast female student blue belt Katja Birkett performing a simple hip throw take down and arm lock transition on on another student, hours of Gracie Jiujitsu demonstrations and fundraising on Read more...

Deep blue. Med Rendell’s journey so far

My Journey from White to Blue.

Over the last 24 months I’ve begun to change. Begun to become shaped, physically in some ways but more importantly, in the mind.

I started something which, somehow from the first lesson, I knew … Read more...

Professor Royce Gracie seminar review by Med Rendell

It’s July and rumours are flying that Royce Gracie may be visiting our humble club again to teach a seminar.

This. Is. Epic.
All members become excited and eager to get the date, when set, off work or cleared in … Read more...